At SoundWaves we always try to offer a bespoke service, tailored around your needs.  When we were approached by a Government Agency to come up with an effective communication device for use in a noisy environment we developed the 'Communicator MKII'.

This was designed for use in vehicle inspection pits, allowing an engineer to talk directly to the driver and had to be both loud enough and clear enough inorder to be heard over workshop noise.  The unit works with a supplied radio unit with remote microphone, clipped to the lapel of their overalls which can be used hands free.  The units are designed to only communicate with the supplied handset, this enables several units to be used safely within the same location*.  Opional extras include two way capability, which includes an additional microphone attached to the speaker unit, allowing the driver to talk back to, in this case, the vehicles driver.

These units have many uses and will be suitable for other businesses.  They are available in both VHF and UHF versions, on licenced business frequencys or they are also available on Licence free PMR channels.

As these units are designed and built in house, we also offer a full service and repair package in order to keep them operational for years to come.

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Communicator MkII Standard £225
Communicator MkII Deluxe (with 2 way microphone) £250
Both units include remote radio pack with carry case, hands free and PTT microphone, 240v chargers

*Radios use shared frequencies but are programed to reject unwanted signals, however due to the nature of shared frequencies it is possible that on rare  occasions, a third party may be heard.